Other Facilities


Performing the uphill task of keeping 1500 students healthy and on the go is the Dispensary of the school. Centrally located in the Main Block, it is easily accessible to students. It is fully-equipped with 2 beds, oxygen cylinders and a wheel chair. It also conducts regular dental and ENT check-ups under the supervision of Dr. Renu Tyagi.


The state-of-the-art canteen of the school is managed by the canteen serves wraps, sandwiches and refreshing nutritious and delicious & fresh. And above all Mr. Faizan and Mr. Mansukh are providing various snacks and hot/cold drinks.


  • Literary Society: The students get lots of opportunities for self expression through creative writing and public speaking. The school conducts debates, elocution and celebrates important events and needed occasions throughout the year, thus helping the students to get over their inhibitions and stage fright.
  • Tour & Excursions: Various educational tours, picnics and adventure camps are organized on regular basis under professional supervision to familiarize students with various cultures, traditions and give expression to their adventurous skills. These outdoor activities not only provide entertainment for students but also supplement the school education at very minimum expense.

Media Center:-

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