School's Policy

Your Child = Our Child

As educationists, we are deeply conscious that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast with the changes and that we need to give our students a chance at every possible avenue of inventiveness. We at SAIMILLS aim to nurture not just better adjusted achievers, not just better conformers, but young men and women who can strike a new trail, who can redefine notions of success and can take open hearts and minds out into the society which they can help transform. It gives us joy to inform about the achievements of our children who bring a lot of pride and acclaim to the school by their performance both in academics and sports. The students of the school save performed excellently in academics.

We are committed to our pursuit for educational excellence that is an ongoing process at Sai Millennium Sr. Sec School. The School maintains its standard in every aspect including varied sports facilities and sports grounds that lure the parents and students alike. The school truly believes in its motto.

Proactive approach to Child Safety and Security

The Sai Millennium School believes in being proactive in creating a safe and nourishing environment for all of its children. Hence, Child Protection and Safety procedures are in place and have to be followed by all Sai Millennium School personnel at all times.

Professionals at school are trained to ensure the safety, security and welfare of all of the children at all hours during the school term. A clear policy ensures that the child protection concerns may be handled in the best possible manner.

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