Heads Message

From the Desk of Head of the School:

Dear Readers,

Mr. Shobhit
Head of The School

Dear All,
The academic year 2021 began with great enthusiasm. The school was abuzz with activity and nature at that time of the year was at its best- shimmering in glory. It was such a perfect picture of an ideal school environment with teachers and taught engaged in productive learning.

And then, we were shaken out of our wits with the second onslaught of Covid-19. Distancing on all fronts was required. Our teachers had to put on their thinking caps and work harder to reach out to their students and keep the learning process alive, despite the innumerable setbacks we have had to face. We had to reprogram our pedagogical approach and take to e-learning portals as a medium of disseminating knowledge. Many tireless hours have been spent preparing lessons, tutoring, correcting and staring at computer screens. It was a learning experience for all- teachers, students and parents. Yet, through all the teething problems we came out triumphant- an exemplary display of grit and the resilient spirt that everyone possesses. Hats off to all our teachers ! their efforts will ever fade in the annals of history. They deserve all the credit and adulation.

While the world is still waking up to a reality of online- education and distant relationships on account of such chaos and uncertainty, we were one of the institutions to initiate the elearning process and bridge this gap. I must extend my sincerest gratitude to all our parents who took up the daunting task of engaging their children through this trying period. We all had to configure our initiatives for the betterment of our young and bright minds of tomorrow.

This lockdown has brought us closer-through physically distant we were. We have had the opportunity of learning true values of family time, caring for our neighbors, and giving true meaning to life.

The year ahead seems very promising despite the set-backs of the recent past. We must certainly look back with gratitude at the countless blessings we have received, but we cannot permit ourselves to sulk over lost opportunities. We must therefore press on ahead to ignite young minds, be innovative in our approaches and in the process inspire each other as we journey together through our scholastic year.

I thank God for His blessings, care and protection to each and every one of us and I wish you all a very dynamic and vibrant year.

Stay safe, stay healthy. God Bless us all.

Mr. Shobhit
Head of The School

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